I and Thou quote of the day

The Chinese poet relates that men did not want to hear his song he was playing; then he played it to the Gods and they inclined their ears; and ever since men, too, have listened to the song


Reflection Update

So, one of the hardest part of keeping my thoughts is that much of what I am reading purposely defies description.

I and thou:  still difficult, taking my time, but reading much more from the notes than the original text

Care for the soul.  An imperfect epic masterpiece, it is outstanding in places, and it lost me in others.  Not something that is easily described, or even applied, but rather let it speak to you and slowly let it in.

Dalai Lama: 8 verses for training the mind.  again, hard to describe.  meditation and mindfulness take much discipline, and aren’t easy answers.

Johnny Cash.  The saddest part of this independant study was realizing i am not ready to read the bible freshly.  Even with Johnny Cash reading to me every morning, it all sounds the same.  so I put it down and instead picked up…

Oxford book of Prayers.  My new favorite spiritual discipline.  Something new surprises me every morning.

Prayer of the day

You awake us to the delight in your praises; for you made us for yourself, and our heart is restless, until it repose in you

St. Augustine

Prayer of the day

“God is what thought cannot better; god is whom thought cannot reach; God no thinking can conceive”  Eric Milner-White

What I have read so far

1. I and thou: First chapter. I am taking it slow, but already starting to think in those terms
2. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance: Loved it. Great to think about living outside of cultural roles and expectations
3. Mitch Albom Have a little faith: Fun, easy to read, makes a life of simple spirituality look very appealing.
4. Thomas Moore: Art of Simplicity: Best book I read so far. Short enough that I will read it again soon
5. Thomas Moore: Care for the Soul. I was really excited, because this is his most famous work, but I am not connecting to it as easily as his other books
6. Johnny Cash reads Hebrews: Listen to it every morning, I get something new every day. Thinking about Rest today
7. Exclusion and Embrace. Still very hard to get into, I am putting it down for now and may try again later


Turns out Thursday’s is my sabbath from this project. Other than listening to Johnny Cash’s Hebrews, I took the day off. It was nice to relax, and now I am ready to start again

What I am thinking about today

1. Solidarity. Volf’s makes the connection that the example of the cross is not just in solidarity to those who are suffering, but also solidarity to God’s reclamation of the abuser.
2. Hebrews-I can’t say something is really hitting me. I am only on my third day of reading it
3. Depression. Having to accept my depression, welcoming it in, and not fighting against it. Welcoming the perspective that only comes with the clear-ing perspective of depression