What I have read so far

1. I and thou: First chapter. I am taking it slow, but already starting to think in those terms
2. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance: Loved it. Great to think about living outside of cultural roles and expectations
3. Mitch Albom Have a little faith: Fun, easy to read, makes a life of simple spirituality look very appealing.
4. Thomas Moore: Art of Simplicity: Best book I read so far. Short enough that I will read it again soon
5. Thomas Moore: Care for the Soul. I was really excited, because this is his most famous work, but I am not connecting to it as easily as his other books
6. Johnny Cash reads Hebrews: Listen to it every morning, I get something new every day. Thinking about Rest today
7. Exclusion and Embrace. Still very hard to get into, I am putting it down for now and may try again later


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