Lent Review

So far, lent really hasn’t meant anything for me. The only thing i’ve given up is playing the gamecube, but i probably would have given that up already, as i was starting to get bored. How to make it more amazing and give more of myself to it. Obviously, with Roman, its a process to learn how to use time well and still take care of him. How to be productive and still love well…


Little Life

How can life be so small? How can Roman be just as much of a person as I am and still only weigh 7lbs? The wonder of life! Its amazing to me how much I do love and miss him when i’m away from him. And yet he does nothing for me. He just asks of me. But when i’m away from him, all i think is how much i want to just hold him.

First Born

So, this year, lent will be different.  I sit here as my wife lays in bed, waiting for Roman to be born.  My Wife.  My Roman.  My God, My God, Why haven’t you for forsaken me?  Why do you love me so?  Why do you let me have so many blessing?  The worries of my life, they wash away as I think of you in this.  I marvel at what you have done in people; that I have no worries of Caity’s delivery,  that I know that Roman will be okay.