Lent is Over!

I have never been as focused on Lent as I have this year, and it has been an amazing spiritual experience for me.  Not only did I stay away from lots of things (espn, video games, fast food) but I added a lot of spiritual media into my life, reading a lot of books and other things and intentionally thinking about God in new ways.

The Passion week was especially meaningful.  I followed the excellent blog http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/justintaylor/  who showed what Jesus did every day during that week.  By Thursday I was really getting into the emotions of Jesus and what it would be to be a follower of him at the time.  On good Friday, someone from the church had a campfire, sang songs, and made 3 crosses.  It was a great time of reflection.  I decided to fast from Jesus’ death till Easter morning, and failed miserably, eating Lasagna on Saturday night.  I felt terrible, but then I realized how similar I felt to how many of the disciples, including Peter would have felt, but they would have felt their failure and hopelessness so much more.  Easter came to me this year as an end of my failure and an entering into the Hope that the resurrection brought.


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