Toxic Church

“I grew up in a toxic church, and I am still recovering”

Phillip Yancey describes growing up in a Toxic church, where he was taught more about hate and exclusion than about love and grace.  He says many people grew up in a similar situation, and that the worst part of it was the image of God churches like this portray.  “The image of God I came away with was a frowning, policeman in the sky. “  Many of us have had similar views of God, and not all of us recovered.  For Yancey, recovery didn’t come through the bible or a religious crusade, but rather through Nature, Classical Music and Romantic Love.  This doesn’t surprise me, for when we have had our image of God so damaged, God has to find other ways to reach us.

Q: those of you who have had the experience of a Toxic Church or Toxic Religion, What was it that brought you back, or what ways does God speak to you now?


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