Am I Really a Christian?

Am I Really a Christian?

is a new book about finding out if you are really a christian or not.

These are some of the commendations and my comments on why I disagree

“There can be no more important question than ‘Am I really a Christian?  Tim Chester

“Can any question in life be as important as knowing whether you are right with God, whether you are going to Heaven or Hell?  Donald Whitney


I don’t believe that is the most important question.  The bible never says this is the most important question.  This question seems to be more about anxiety for what will happen to us after we die than anything to do with the Glory of God, or the kingdom of God, or whatever your theology says is the goal of life.  The bible doesn’t seem to ask us to be very careful on whether or not we are going to heaven.  I think we, especially in our culture, are very anxious about this issue and therefore ascribe greater importance to it than the bible seems to.


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