Francis Chan wrote a new book about what is wrong with another book

I am assuming he is talking about Rob Bell here, because his book is mainly about Rob Bell.

1. He is worried about the arrogance in this argument.  I agree, as most people who haven’t even read Rob Bell’s book have no problem labeling him something (universalist) he says he isn’t.  But Francis seems to be talking about something else, the arrogance to question why God would send people to hell.  He says there are many things he doesn’t understand about why God does something, but he is humble in understanding that God might know what he is talking about.  It seems to me that he is saying that is what Rob Bell is doing, trying to create God in a way he could handle.  I read the book very differently, where I saw Bell saying we are focusing on the wrong thing (in and out) and instead should be focusing on what the bible focuses on (Hell on earth as well as hell after earth).  It seems arrogant to me to assume someone’s motives, if that is what Francis is doing.

2. The tagline of this video is “we can’t afford to be wrong on this issue”.  I think that is where all the weird beliefs about hell come from.  The bible didn’t seem to make hell all that important compared to other parts of the bible.  It is our fear and need for answers that made it such an important thing.  If you say “how can our eternal souls not be the most important thing?”  I will summarize Francis in saying maybe God knows what he is doing.


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