Happy Monday

1. Best Talk ever with Sam

2. Stacy led a great group about relationships

3. great encouragement from Shawn


Happy Sunday June 19th

1. Sat by Kranz in church

2. Amazing time with aunt Suzie’s family listening to stories

3. Talking to Cousin Chuck about his church split

What made me happy on tuesday, june 14th, 2011

1. talked to Josh eiltz on the phone for almost an hour! and was very encouraged

2. Trevor fixed my iphone

3. we celebrated caity being doing with her certification and went to olive garden

happiness monday june 13th

1. great college group, three new people and great talking circle

2. set up meetings with Jenna, Jeri, Cameron and Sonia

3. Trevclark are making the basement look awesome with new doors and clock

3 happy things-sunday june 12th

1. Parents were encouraged after church meeting

2. meet with Josh eiltz and helped him plan his message

3. Watched the whole youth group respond and caused lots of great problems

Happy Monday May 23rd

1. 19 people at college group

2. Went well, got everyone to talk

3. Super changed her schedule, will get more time off

Happy Sunday May 22nd

1. Went to Men’s class finally, invited college kids to monday night

2. Great party at Parents with both sets of relatives and ice cream cake

3. Great talk with Sean and Tenielle after YG